All Inclusive Arkansas Early Teal & Quail Combo Hunt

What To Expect On Your All Inclusive Arkansas Early Teal & Quail Combo Hunt with Cupped Wings Guide Service.

You will arrive at the duck lodge anytime after 6:00 PM CDT the evening before your duck & quail combo hunt begins. Any remaining balances that have not been paid should be paid upon arrival via cash only. Checks and credit cards cannot be accepted on site. Everyone in your group will be required to sign a release of liability waiver prior to hunting. Please plan on eating supper on your own evening of arrival. There will be snacks, appetizers, sodas, etc available the evening you arrive but a full supper will not be served the 1st evening of your arrival. Breakfast, Lunch & Supper will be provided on your hunt dates. The last day of your hunt, breakfast and lunch will be provided & checkout is by 2 PM CDT. Each guest in your party will be given a bed room to unload your belongings. We pair 2 to 4 people to a room and you will NOT room with someone you don’t know. We ask that all of your muddy gear stay in the mud room. The front porch has been converted into a custom, heated mud room for all of your dirty, muddy gear.

The next morning you will wake up to a home cooked breakfast includes eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, coffee, juice, etc. Plan on eating breakfast around 4:50 AM and heading out to the hunting grounds by 5:30 AM. Depending on the size of your group you may ride with one of our guides or follow behind in your own vehicle to the hunting grounds. You will be driven by ATV/UTV from the parking areas on our farms to the hunting spots by your guides. If hunting flooded timber or river, it may require a boat ride and/or some walking through water to access the hunting spot.

Here at Cupped Wings Guide Service we hunt a wide variety of properties that range from flooded agricultural fields, cypress breaks and sloughs, flooded timber, flooded willow swamps and rivers. Your guide will be scouting every afternoon to put you in the best possible place for a successful hunt for the next day. Several of our spots do NOT require waders to hunt, however if you want to have the most flexibility and be able to move to where the ducks are, bring your waders. Without waders, it will limit your options to flooded agricultural fields, cypress breaks & sloughs.

Your guide will provide all of the decoys for the morning teal hunt and be an accomplished waterfowl hunter. We hunt Quail on a private game reserve. The birds are flight conditioned and we offer northern style flushing and European style shoots. You can expect on the afternoon quail hunt to have between 12-15 quail per hunter per day. Your upland bird hunting guide will be an accomplished upland bird hunter and dog handler. Plan on bringing good hiking boots as you will be doing a lot of walking & hiking each day while quail hunting. If you have physical disabilities that prevent you from walking 1-3 miles per day, please let us know ahead of time and we can work with you on the set up and/or provide a side-by-side ATV/UTV’s for your assistance.

Our goal is to make sure everyone has an opportunity to kill their limits of teal in the morning and enjoy a true upland bird hunting experience in the afternoons! After the morning duck hunt you will be escorted by your guide back to the hunting lodge where food will be cooking. Your guides will log, clean, bag, label and freeze the days birds in order for you to legally transport back to your home. Around 2 PM you will gear up and head out to the quail hunting grounds. After the quail hunt you will be escorted by your guide back to the private reserve club house where we will log, clean, bag & label the days birds in order for you to legally transport back to your home. After the birds are processed you will head back to the main lodge where supper will be cooking and you can plan on hanging out at the lodge enjoying some skeet shooting, pool, darts, TV and a few cocktails. There are also several nearby attractions that clients enjoy checking out. Our newest attraction that hunters have to experience is a visit to the new Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center only 25 minutes away. It is Bass Pro Shops largest superstore featuring a treasury of duck hunting history and memorabilia. The Memphis Pyramid has been converted into the largest wildlife interactive museum focusing on raising awareness of wetlands and waterfowl conservation, emphasizing the importance of rivers and wetlands to society, and illustrating the role that hunters play in conserving wildlife habitat and the waterfowl resources. Its a must see if you are going to be in AR hunting with us this year! You can take a 10 minute drive to Lake Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge has a nice viewing platform and it can hold over 1,000,000 birds during certain times during the migration. We highly recommend taking a camera and going to watch sunset from the viewing platform. Its an unbelievable site! If you are a waterfowl fanatic like most of us, you will definitely want to check out DNW Outdoors in Jonesboro, AR. Its about a 30 minute drive but worth the drive.

We plan on eating supper each evening around 5:30 – 6:00 PM CDT. We eat good, so hope you have a healthy appetite!

Your guides will generally turn in pretty early around 9:00 PM but you are welcome to stay up and enjoy the lodge as long as you would like, just be ready at 4:50 AM for breakfast. The last day of the hunt we will wrap up the morning teal hunt around 10 AM and head out to the quail hunting grounds around 12:00 noon. When you leave lodge to head out to the quail hunting grounds, you will have all your bags and belongings packed and with you. We will begin the last days quail hunt around 2 PM. When the afternoon quail hunt is over, the guides will clean, bag and tag your birds for transport and you will head home from the Quail Reserve Club House. Breakfast and lunch will be served last day of the hunt also.

Tips are not required but are customary if you feel your guides worked hard to give you the best possible Arkansas duck hunting and upland bird hunting experience.

When you are at the Cupped Wing Guide Service lodge, make yourself at home. You are welcome to help yourself to any food, drink or snacks in the lodge. This is your Arkansas Duck & Quail Hunting Vacation! Enjoy it!

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