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How do I fish better?

A great fishing day begins with proper planning of your fishing spot and A-grade quality fishing gears. Remember to go fishing in a season when fishes are available in abundance in the ocean. The entrance of creeks, inlets, channel, or estuary rings are places where you can find plenty of fishes as these are common places where they find food. Referring to marine charts and ocean maps can help in locating these spots.

Use the right fishing knot for big catches; a bimini twist is the best knot for fishing in the ocean. Invest in lures that look bright and new to entice the fishes towards the baits. Replace dull and rough-looking monofilament frequently by cutting back the rough end of the line and tying it back to the leader. 

Set the hook couple of seconds after the fish has the bait or lure in its mouth. Wait until you see the bait disappear or until you feel the pressure of the fish on the line. As a part of our Guanacaste excursions, we offer qualified charter captains who are experts at saltwater fishing to make your fishing experience a tad more thrilling.

Is it better to fish at low or high tide?

A slack period is a time when water isn't moving much, and fishes are usually burrowing into the sand or mud. Slack period affects the mobility of bait-fishes and small marine creatures; hence, fishes do not actively swim looking for food when water isn't moving. The time between changing tides is the best time to fish, a falling tide, in particular, is the aptest time of the day for fishing.

To make the fullest use of a falling tide is to start fishing two hours before the low tide. When waves shift from high tide to low tide, it increases the water pushing rate, which in return leads to larger quantities of catch when you fish. Fishes like salmon, trout, bass and other members of the mackerel family are some of the readily available catches during a falling tide. On the contrary, a rising tide is the least favorable time for fishing.

Best baits for saltwater fishing

Using natural baits are hands down the best technique for angling game fish. Some of the best bait fishes include clams, live sea worms, squids, crustaceans, and other small marine life depending on the type of game fish that you wish to catch. You double the chances of success when you match the bait you use to the prey of the fish species that you want to capture.

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