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Duck Hunting Videos CWGS

Here are a few duck hunting videos that our Cupped Wings Guides put together. This video is of about 50K to 75K ducks and geese on one of our farms at the beginning of December. This was the opening day of the 2nd split. Since our clients were not arriving to hunt until later that evening, we decided to let the birds rest and do a little filming. The next several days were unbelievable.

This video is of roughly 500,000 geese and ducks coming into one of our fields at sunset. This is only about 5 minutes of video but this continued for over 2 hours well into the dark. It was so loud that when you stepped out of the truck, you had to yell at the person next to you in order for them to hear you. Needless to say the next several days was a slaughter!

This video is a group of CWGS duck hunting videos combined into one 5 min video. We hope you enjoy! More videos will be coming soon. Keep checking back.

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